Part of our team visited the highlands of Peru, where we source and process our fibers.

This is what they saw

All our yarn is natural: sheep wool, baby alpaca, merino and pima cotton.

100% natural fibers made in Peru.

The Highlands

In the Highlands of Peru, close to the Andes, animals live over 14,000 feet above sea level.

Local families live in the area too, taking care of their flocks.

Its height and hard conditions make it a very hard place to live at.

Most women in the highlands take care of a flock of sheep, alpacas, vicunas, etc. In order to sustain their families.

They're called "alpaqueñas" and they're usually strong and hardworking women.

The Origin

Sheep and alpacas can live up to 12 years, although this wool is only used during their first 8 years.

Alpacas only give birth once per year and they are sheared only once per season, making this wool a really valuable material.

The Process

We care about our planet, so we make sure all our processes are environmental friendly. We are also happy to contribute to the local community development.

A little bit for us could mean a lot for them.

  • 1. Once the wool is received in the facilities, local workers meticulously clean the material. Straws and defects are removed in order to make the yarn as soft and pure as possible.

  • 2. Then the wool is washed, dried and stocked.

  • 3. Now depending on the requested thickness, the wool will be processed in different ways to match the size we want.

4. Dying happens next. Depending on the color, this process can be done manually or not. Sprinkle colors are normally handmade, but solid colors can only be achieved using dyeing machines.

  • 5. Now the wool is ready to be winded into a ball. Once this part of the process is done, a WAK label is put into each and every skein.

  • This is how the skein you are holding in your hands is made!