So, who are we?

Our names are Pepita Marín and Alberto Bravo, and together we founded We Are Knitters back in 2011. We met around 2009 and after a trip to New York the following year, we came up with the idea of WAK, and a few years later here we are!

When we first started it was only the two of us. Now we are thirty people in our HQs. Yup, that's a lot of coffee being served at the office in the mornings. There are people from different nationalities and cultures, a fact that we really enjoy. Some people call us the UN of knitting, and they're kinda right. You can hear people speaking in Spanish, English, French, German, and more!

Internally we are divided into different teams:

  • The knitting team designs all our patterns and makes sure everything is clear, even for the most newbie knitter. They also work closely with the designers, brands and makers that we collaborate with.
  • The marketing team are what we call the 'cool hunters': they're always searching for the latest trends on social, making sure to spread the word about the benefits of knitting and using natural fibers

  • Also, a shoutout to the product team, who is in charge of launching new fibers, new qualities, new colors, and new techniques non-stop!